For more information, please call Julie at the marina office: (651) 436-7744 or email:

2018 Slip Rates

$160/foot Uncovered
$170/foot Covered
All slips include summer dockage with water and electric, winter storage (wet storage or land storage), Fall pull out, next spring launch. No Trailer storage available. Please call Afton Boat Storage for summer trailer storage at 651.436.6892
Contract from 4/1/18 through 3/31/19

 Slips Available for the 2018 Boating Season
A-Dock  N-42 tie along $3868  30′ max LOA, 8’6″ beam/wide
B-Dock  S-8 $5440  34′ Uncovered
  S-38 $5280  33′ Uncovered
  S-39  $5280  33′ Uncovered
   S-41 $5280  33′ Uncovered
S-49 tie along $3868  30′ max LOA, 8’6″ beam/wide
C-Dock  N-69 $6460  38′ Covered/12’3″ beam/wide
   N-91 tie along $2112  18′ Max LOA/this is a shared tied along, you go around the end boat to the front/head pier of the slip to tie up.
Please contact for more information.
Phone (651) 436-7744

Slips For Sale

30’x8’6″  Tie Along $35, 000 N-42 – A-Dock – North Harbor – North side, West end. Maximum size boat 30′ length over all (bow pulpit and swim platform), 8’6″ wide/beam allowed.


23′ x 8’x10″







S-42 – B-Dock – North Harbor, South side, West end.


S-25 – B-Dock – North Harbor, South side, Middle.

44’x15′ Uncovered $80,000 S-80


D-Dock – South Harbor, South side, West end.

Please contact for more information.
Phone (651) 436-7744

2018-2019 Store ‘N Launch

$1428 for year 24′ and under
$1754 for year 25′ – 27′ if we have space, call office for information
 Contract is from April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 this is on land storage for your boat and trailer, unlimited use of the launch ramp (you have your own tow vehicle and do your own launching/pulling out), winter storage on the trailer. All services are extra; summarizing, winterizing, shrink wrapping, any other services.

2017-2018 Winter Storage

$19/foot Any size boat (Non-Member), on land or in water storage
$14/foot$20/foot Boats on trailers or drive-in boats. Add $80 for pull out/launch sailboats + $85 set down fee
 Contract from 4/1/18 through 3/31/19
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